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Concrete Power Trowel Concrete Power Trowel Concrete Power Trowel Concrete Power Trowel
Concrete Power Trowel
Concrete Power Trowel Concrete Power Trowel Concrete Power Trowel

Concrete Power Trowel

Product Details:


Product Description

Power Trowels - ST92E

Cat No : M12700.E

With 2.6/3.3 KW 380V two speed electric motor, including a wheel set. 

  • weight: 90 kg
  • diameter: 90 cm


  • Laws governing safety aspects on machinery vary between countries but the following guides will be useful to all operators:
  • Before starting, carefully read the machine maintenance and operating manual and follow all the instructions.
  • Users should carefully follow any operating instructions given.
  • Never operate the machine without the belt guard.
  • Keep hand and feet away from moving parts while the machine is running.
  • Do not operate the machine in closed places and inflammable environment.
  • Operating the machine is advisable only with good lighting conditions.
  • Ensure that the power supply is connected to an earth leakage circuit breaker.


  • Danger of electrocution or severe electrical shock is present in the trowel motor any time the motor is plugged in.Read all safety information contained in this section before operating or servicing this equipment.
  • No one except a trained electrician should perform repairs to the motor and switches.
  • NEVER allow anyone to operate this equipment without proper training.
  • NEVER leave the machine running unattended.
  • NEVER operate this machine in applications for which it is not intended.
  • DO NOT operate the trowel with the Dead Man Control Handle disabled.
  • Serious injury could occur if struck by rotating trowel due to disabling this safety device.
  • ALWAYS store equipment properly when it is not being used.
  • Equipment should be stored in a clean, dry location out of the reach of children.
  • NEVER operate trowel with damaged or worn electrical cord!
  • When using an extension cord be sure to use one heavy enough to carry the current load.
  • DO NOT operate electrical devices in rain or snow.
  • Keep motors, witch and electrical cords dry.
  • DO NOT plug in the trowel with the motor cover, or terminal box cover removed.
  • NEVER allow trowel blades to cut or become entangled in the power cord.
  • ALWAYS make sure motor switch is in "STOP" position before plugging trowel to power supply.
  • ALWAYS check the power supply before running the trowel. Using the wrong voltage supply will damage the motor.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean or service trowel while it is plugged in to the power supply.
  • DO NOT wash trowel with electrical covers removed.
  • DO NOT use a high pressure washer to clean electrical equipment.
  • Only operate the machine with a fully earthed-plug, do not operate the machine in case of doubt.
  • When operate the machine, always wear noise reduction ear protectors and safety glasses.
  • When operate the machine, always wear safety shoes and safety clothing.

Safety Information :

  • Read and understand the supplied operators manual before operating this machine.
  • Wear eye protection
  • Wear boots

Technical Data-Dimensions :


A mm

B Length

C Height

D Handle Folded

E Handle Folded

Net Weight Kg















Technical Data And Specification :




Motor output (low speed) kW
(high speed)



Motor speed rpm

1410 / 2840

Power requirements Volts/phase

400 / 3

Frequency Hz.


Operating current Amps


IP rating



Trowel Diameter


Number of Blades


Speed range rpm

60 / 120

Pitch range degrees

0 - 15

Operation Power Trowels ST92 Electric Motor

Before starting

  • Lift the wheels.
  • Open the extension handle and adjust to a comfortable working height.

Starting the motor :

  • Place trowel on the concrete.
  • Turn the motor switch to the 1 or 2 position
  • Check that the emergency stop button is in the out position. If not rotate it clockwise to recease.
  • Press the yellow button and then press the Dead Man Control Handle.
  • If the motor rotates and the trowel blades do not rotate the motor is rotating in the wrong direction.
  • Release the Dead Man Control Handle.
  • Remove the plug from the control box on the machine and rotate the 2 pins inside the plug.using a screw driver press the phase change pins in and then rotate.
  • Replace the cable and check the rotation that the blades rotate.

Operating the trowel

NOTE :Always operate the trowel using the Dead Man Control Handle.

Assembly of the float disc

  • Place the trowel on to the float disc.
  • Rotate the blades so that the blades move underneath the 4 L shaped brackets.
  • Rotate the blade adjustment knob so that the blades rise.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient pressure on the blades and that the disc is tightly attached to the trowel.


The trowel is to be used only by experienced operators. They must have the knowledge of when the concrete is ready to be troweled , the angle of the blades and the operating speed. These instructions should be used as general guidance only.


B = Working condition of concrete

C = Suggested working pitch


Wet surface working stage

Flat (no pitch)


Wet to plastic working stage

Slight pitch (5)


Plastic working stage

Additional pitch (10)


Semi-hard working stage to hard finishing stage (burnishing)

Maximum pitch (15)

Floating concrete

  • Use the float disc or the blades set at a small angle for floating.
  • The concrete should be sufficiently set before the floating operation takes place.
  • This must be determined by the operator.
  • Floating is done at a low speed. To have the machine move to the right bear down slightly on the handle. Lift gently on the handle to have machine move to the left.
  • Do not operate machine in one spot but keep it moving over the surface for either floating or finishing of concrete. If machine is allowed to stand in one spot while not operating , lift up on the handle to break loose the suction on the trowels and move to a new spot before starting to operate the machine.

Finishing concrete :

  • The finishing operation is carried out with the blades set at a large angle and at a high speed.

Stopping :

  • Release the Dead Man Control Handle.
  • Turn the motor switch to the "OFF" position.

Instructions For Lifting Machine :

  • Never walk or stand under a machine being lifted.
  • Use only the frame lifting hook (1) for lifting the machine.
  • Use only tested and authorised lifting equipment.

Extension Cords

When choosing an extension cord, make sure it has adequate wire size for safety. An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in a loss of power and overheating.The table below shows the correct wire size to use depending on cord length. If in doubt, use the next heavier cord size. On motors being used outdoors, use extension cords rated for outdoor use.

Improper use of extension cords can cause overheating and create serious fire or shock hazards. NEVER use worn or damaged cords

Extension cord length


Minimum extension cord size (mm)

400 V / 3 / 7.3 Amp









Troubleshooting :

Problem / Symptom

Reason / Remedy

Trowel does not develop full speed.

  • Power supply is not proper voltage.
  • Clean debris from moving parts and trowel blades

Motor run, poor trowel operation.

  • Check belt for wear or damage. Tighten belt if necessary.
  • Clean debris from moving parts and trowel arms.

Motor does not run, or runs erratically.

  • Check motor on/off switch position.

Motor stops, wont restart.

  • Motor overload switch has tripped. Contact a certified electrician.
  • Check fuse in control box. Replace if necessary.

Motor runs but blades do not rotate.

  • Motor rotating in wrong direction. Remove plug and rotate phase change pins.
  • Broken / Missing v-belt. Replace.

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